So much begins with dressing better.

When you dress better, you feel better. Feel better, and you're empowered to become better.

Our Story

For years, I'd been working in finance wearing so-called tailored suits to work. Surrounded by men in loose fitting, frumpy suits, I took it as a fact of life that this was the only way to dress for work. But when I got my first suit custom made for me, everything changed.

The first change was my outlook. I hadn't ever experienced pride of ownership in my clothes before. Having something cut just for me, built on decisions I made about how I wanted it to look, made this feel like the only thing in my closet that was truly mine.

So when I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror, I got an instant boost in confidence and a big ole grin on my face. The fabric was dark, solid and conservative, the kind of color most of my colleagues wore, but I looked 10 times better. It was amazing to see what a difference a flawless fit could make.

From there, my growing hobby began to look more and more like a calling. We realized that if more people saw the improvements to their style a flawless fit can deliver and learned a bit about the outfit-building along the way, they'd have the same empowering experience I had. That was the beginning of the custom clothing company we started. We set out to change the way men get their clothes.

We're getting there one custom suit as a time. With each order, a new guy gets to see how a small change can make such a big difference. And another virtuous cycle of smiles begin.

Warren Liao


We don't believe in settling, and neither should you. We traveled the world searching for luxury fabrics. tasteful designs, and expert craftmanship while keeping our prices affordable. You'll always get an incredible value with every piece of clothing


From data-driven measurement algorithms to an intuitive and fun suit design wizard, we've built tools to help guide you every step of the way to bring the old world luxury of custom clothing into the 21st century.


And of course, all of that quality and tech wouldn't be worth a cent if it didn't fit you just right. And so we guarantee that it will. You'll never find standard retail sizes on our site. Every custom garment is tailored based on your unique measurements.

Doing Good Never Looked So Good

We partner with and donate suits to NYC-area nonprofits serving under-privileged members of our community including YearUp, CareerGear and The Salvation Army.

Year Up

A partner since 2012, Year Up has been on the front lines of helping young men and women achieve more through classes on professional development and internship placements with leading financial services and tech companies.